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Wrought Iron Components

Not Like the Rest...

Unlike most other Wrought-Iron Component Suppliers, we manufacture to order as well, making our service quite unique within the industry. We have modern “state of the art” machinery, combining age-old blacksmithing skills to create more or less anything to order for our customers. We make special Twists, Arches, Rings, Scrolls and Silhouettes to name a few.

Hot Forged Components - When we heat steel it becomes soft and malleable, manipulating the metal using various machines, that work the material into different shapes. Forged Ends, Scrolls & Knotted Bars to name but a few, all started life as Cold Rolled Steel off the shelf before we worked them into shape.

Old Fashioned Techniques - Although we have machines to reduce production times, we cannot always create what we want by pressing a button & still practice the art of blacksmithing today. With certain components we still hand-forge using Swaging Blocks & Anvils, using skills passed down over the years.

Flower Panels - If you are looking for something that little bit special, we have a fantastic range of Flower Panels, all handcrafted from individual components for even your most discerning customer. By painting these in different colours including patinas, you can really make your work stand out from the rest.

Twists, Rings & Arches - HEBO machinery, widely known as the best in the world in our industry allows us to create stock items & “specials” at a very competitive price, using automation to reduce production times. We use this machinery to manufacture all of our Scrolls, Twisted Bars, Arches, Rings & many other products.

We have been supplying and making wrought iron components for over 25 years.