Here are some of our more commonly asked questions but if you cannot find the answer you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to call us on 01282 677300.


General FAQ

What are your components made from?
99% of our products are mild or cast steel. Mild steel has been mixed with carbon making it malleable and ductile, suitable for welding & galvanising. The term “Wrought-Iron” is now used as an umbrella throughout the industry, although nobody uses it these days as it cannot be welded or galvanised and is very expensive.

Do I need a trade account to buy from you?
No, you don’t! We sell our wholesale components at the same price to both trade and public. You are free to come to our trade counter, order by phone on 01282 677300 or purchase online.

What if I require something almost the same as on your website or in your catalogue, but slightly different?
In many cases we make ‘Specials’, although we always require a drawing to follow. We make Arches, Twists, Scrolls and many other items for our customers, in most cases within a couple of days.

I need a price for a ‘Special Make’, can you quote me over the phone?
No, we cannot price or quote for a special without seeing a drawing. We will need this emailing to or faxing to 01282 691 583. Once received, we can then understand exactly what it is you want and quote for it accordingly. We DO NOT need a fully scaled drawing from an architect or anything like that, just a quick sketch with sizes, quantity and what material is required is adequate.

How do you manufacture your gates?
We weld all our gates and railings together using components shown on our website or catalogue, but if you don’t have the equipment to weld your own gate together then we can help you design and also make your gate for you. Please contact us on 01282 677300 for more information.

When I have finished making my gate or railings, what should I do to prevent rust?
We always recommend that you send the finished ironwork off to be Hot-Dipped Galvanised, because even if left unpainted, most companies offer a 25 year guarantee against any rust coming through. We can send your goods to the galvanisers for you if dropped off at our premises in Nelson – find out more here.  If you do not have the facility or means to get it galvanised, we sell Red Oxide Paint to be used as an undercoat which is a very good product.

Should I powder-coat or paint my gates or railings to give me the longest lasting finish?
We do not recommend powder-coating anything going outside because in our experience it does not tend to last long and chips off when damaged. We recommend wet-painting over Galvanised Steel with ‘High-Build Vinyl Paint’ which has a certain amount of elasticity allowing the metal to breathe in extreme weather temperatures making for a very durable and long-lasting finish. Our very own “Smithy Black”, formulated over a long period of time between us and our supplier is what we use to finish all of our ironwork.

What do you use on top of your paint to create such great looking ironwork?
We finish our ironwork off with a range of patina paints, applied with a brush or sponge to highlight the features in Gold, Silver or Copper as well as other colours. We also sell our very own “Everlasting Gold” if you require certain elements painting in a solid colour.

I need to have my components galvanised, how do I know the weight of the items?
The total weight of the order is at the bottom of the delivery note under the total amount. The weight of each individual component ordered is on each line of the invoice.

If I came to visit you would you show me around?
Of course we would, we have no secrets at North Valley Forge. One of our staff would take you right the way through everything, from a factory tour showing you various manufacturing techniques, fabrication and painting processes, as well as looking through our stores area and showroom.

If I have a big project or something out of the ordinary would it be OK to ring you for any advice?
Of course it would, we are here to help our customers in the best way possible. Many of our staff have over 20 years experience in this industry & have come across almost anything and everything and would be glad to help.

If I start ordering regularly, would I be able to organise a monthly account with you?
Yes, this is something that we do offer. We prefer to deal on cash/card basis initially to build up a relationship & following this we would ask you to fill in a Credit Application Form. After a credit-check which we do on all companies, we set an account limit & work on a strict 30 day basis. (I.e. all orders purchased in a certain calendar month would be due at the end of the following month and no later.)


Delivery FAQ

I have a delivery coming today, when will it arrive?
If your order is coming to you via DPD, a next day service if ordered before 2pm the day before, you will have already received a text message or email to state the estimated time of delivery. We also send deliveries with Tufnells and HMT (Pallets), who do not have the facility at this time to specify times, but the general rule is that the deliveries can arrive anywhere between 7am and 7pm. If your delivery is coming via HMT you will be notified and you will require people on site to offload the pallet. Please also ensure that the delivery address has sufficient access for an articulated lorry.

I’m going to be out on the day of delivery, what can I do?
If you leave us instruction either on the website when ordering or by calling us after you have ordered we can instruct the delivery company to leave an order “in the porch” or “at number 27”. If you do not notify us then they would probably leave you a card to collect your order from the nearest depot.

I selected P3 delivery and I received part of my order in 1 or 2 days, what’s going on?
P3 is a delivery service that means it can be delivered anytime in but no longer than 3 days. If it is a large order then they may split it into 2 parts to spread the weight. It will not cost you any extra if the delivery company comes out to you twice to deliver the full order.

The goods I bought have been damaged in transit or are missing?
Please make sure you have signed for the delivery as damaged or part-delivered. This is very important as we cannot claim back money for a delivery that has been signed for as complete. Once you have done that please call us on 01282 677300 and speak with our returns department for more instructions. It would be good if you can take some pictures of the received packages as this can help us understand what has happened and improve things in the future.


Returns FAQ

The goods I bought are faulty or not what I ordered?
If the package has been received and is in good condition and the goods are either faulty or not what you expected, then please ring us on 01282 677300 and speak with the returns department. We will investigate this and ask you to send the items back to us for a replacement or refund.

The goods I received are not quite what I wanted, can I return them?
Yes you are able to return any item to us based on “distance selling regulations”. You have up to 14 days to cancel your contract with us before returning the item to us at your expense – we will refund you to the value of the order assuming there is no diminished value of the goods which you may be liable for if there is damage resulting from handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. It is your obligation to pay for diminished value of goods.

I haven’t received a receipt and I paid by card, where is my card slip?
If you paid via Paypal or World Pay your receipt will be accessible via email or online. If you have paid via our sales team on a credit/debit card then an invoice and any card slips will be sent from our accounts department via Royal Mail after delivery. We only send out a delivery note with the goods as invoices and card receipts contain personal data. This will also apply to customers with accounts who do not pay via credit/debit card. I.e. delivery note with parcel, invoice from accounts.